Mixing and recording the best beats.


Man playing piano

When you are creating a mix of music or whatever it may be, the ambiance is the most important part. This refers to the sounds that most people take for granted, including the beat, the backup singers, and any other tricks that you might be using in the background. Most people focus on the main action, but it is what surrounds the piece that makes it interesting. Whatever you do, you don't want there to be a lot of empty space in the piece; fill it up!


Woman singing into a microphone.

It is important when you are recording someone's voice that you pay special attention to the details. In any audio production, people tend to focus on the voice, which means that you need to avoid mistakes, enunciate clearly, and be careful of other noises that could be easy to miss. A pop/click screen is a must if you are recording the voice. This is a small screen that comes in front of the mic to keep the person's breath from hitting the mic. Keep that in mind.

What Do You Want?

Woman holding headphones.

When you are creating a song or any other audio mix, constantly be asking yourself, "What would I like to hear?" If you are writing to your own interests and are invested in the outcome, then people will most likely appreciate your work. Be sure to take advice from others, so that your end result is not biased, but keep your passion alive. Make sure it becomes part of the end result. If you are excited by what you hear, then you are doing it right.

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